Featured Products


  1. Tasmanian Tiger Vest Base Plus MKII
  2. Eberlestock Owyhee Field Shirt
  3. Eberlestock Salmon River Pant
  4. Eberlestock Lost River Insulated Ultralight Jacket
  5. Eberlestock Afterburner Pant
  6. Eberlestock Trinity Peak Weatherproof Breathable Shell
  7. Eberlestock Thunderbolt Mountain Parka
  8. Snugpak MML-9 Softie Smock
  9. Snugpak Sleeka Elite Reversible Jacket
  10. Snugpak MML-6 Softie Smock


  1. Forceprotector Gear FOR92 Survivor System Accessory Kit
  2. Forceprotector FOR130 LDB-2 Medium Padded Pouch
  3. Forceprotector J-PAK Jumbo Flyer Kit Bag
  4. Forceprotector Gear FOR75 FPG Non-Collapsible Deployer Loadout Bag
  5. Forceprotector Hybrid (Lite) Deployment Bag
  6. Forceprotector Gear FOR83 FPG USMC Coyote MarPack
  7. Forceprotector FPG Helmet Bag
  8. Forceprotector Gear FOR96 TSS Camo-Netting Coyote Pouch
  9. Forceprotector Loadout Divider Bag (LDB-1 Padded Pouch)
  10. Forceprotector Deployer® (Lite) Loadout Bag


  1. Wilcox Hybrid Patriot 5510 - Dual Cylinder Air W/ Torch
  2. Wilcox APID Targeting and Ranging Module - Raptar S ES
  3. Wilcox Hybrid Patriot 5510 - Single Air - No Mask
  4. Wilcox Eotech Flip Mount For 3x Magnifier
  5. Wilcox Eo Tech Flip Mount With Risers
  6. Wilcox G30 Permanent NVG Helmet Mount
  7. Wilcox Flip Mount Right Hand
  8. Wilcox Universal NVG Fixed Vertical Position Mount
  9. Wilcox Aimpoint® Mount Flip Mount For 3x Magnifier
  10. Wilcox Rapid Aiming Acquisition Module (RAAM) - High Power


  1. Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier LC
  2. Ops Core Fast Bump Helmet GFN
  3. Condor Enforcer Releasable Plate Carrier
  4. Blackhawk Single Mag Case Double Stack
  5. Blackhawk Ballistic Yoke With V.I.P. Level Iiia Soft Armor - Cots
  6. Blackhawk Ballistic Bicep (Set) With V.I.P. Level Iiia Soft Armor - Cots
  7. Blackhawk Ballistic Level Iiia Mich Helmet
  8. Petzl Fixation Tactikka®
  9. Petzl Accu 2 DUO Z1 Charger
  10. Petzl Vizir shadow


  1. Forceprotector Riot Control Equipment Bag
  2. Tasmanian Tiger Bladder Pouch
  3. Tasmanian Tiger Mil Transporter
  4. Tasmanian Tiger Modular Rifle Bag
  5. Tasmanian Tiger Rifle Bag L
  6. Tasmanian Tiger Modular Pistol Bag
  7. Surefire SOCOM556-MG Socom Series Sound Suppressor (Silencer)
  8. Surefire SOCOM 65-Ti
  9. Surefire SOCOM762-MG-BK 7.62MM
  10. Surefire SOCOM762 Mini2 Suppressor


  1. H&H Big Cinch Abdominal Bandage 12”x16”ABD

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