Featured Products


  1. Snugpak Arrowhead Jacket
  2. Snugpak Poncho Liner
  3. Snugpak Enhanced Patrol Poncho
  4. Snugpak Torrent Waterproof Jacket
  5. Snugpak Snugnut
  6. Eagle Hand Warmer Sleeve
  7. XGO Extreme Weight Performance Fleece Thermal Pant (PH5)
  8. XGO Compression Performance Short
  9. XGO Compression Performance Boxer Brief
  10. XGO Extreme Weight Performance Fleece Zip Mock (PH5)


  1. Snugpak Basecamp Sleeper Extreme
  2. Snugpak Basecamp Ops TSB
  3. Snugpak Basecamp Ops Sleeper Extreme
  4. Snugpak Travelpak 1
  5. Snugpak Travelpak 3
  6. Snugpak Basecamp Sleeper Lite
  7. Snugpak Basecamp Sleeper Expedition
  8. Snugpak Basecamp Ops Sleeper Lite
  9. Snugpak Basecamp Ops Sleeper Expedition
  10. Snugpak Travelpak 2


  1. Incom Gatorgrip Military/Marine Anti-Slip
  2. Rapid Assault Tools Security Door Option For Td8040 Series Door
  3. Rapid Assault Tools Folding Carbonfiber Tactical Ladder
  4. Rapid Assault Tools 2 In 1 Ratspreader™ - Hbc36 And Ratwedge™ - Hrc750 In Carrybag
  5. Rapid Assault Tools Wheel Kit For Td8040Fs Door
  6. Rapid Assault Tools 16′ Tactical Telescoping Ladder
  7. Rapid Assault Tools 30" 8 Xtend-Sledge™
  8. Rapid Assault Tools Tactical Ladder
  9. Rapid Assault Tools 72" Ratrake™ W/ Saw
  10. Rapid Assault Tools Hydraulic Bolt Cutter (Tool Only)


  1. Paulson PASGT- ACH- MICH DK6-H.150S
  2. Paulson PASGT DK5-H.150S
  3. Paulson PASGT- ACH- MICH DK6-H.150
  4. Paulson PASGT DK5-H.150
  5. Paulson PASGT DK5-H.150HM
  6. Paulson Rails - United Shield® DK7-H.150-RU
  7. Paulson PASGT- ACH- MICH DK6-X.250AFS
  8. Paulson PASGT DK5-X.250AF
  9. Paulson PASGT DK5-X.250AFHM
  10. Paulson Level IIIA Ballistic Shield w/ Carrying Bag TA-1224,12


  1. Eagle Active Shooter Sling Bag
  2. Tacmed Tourniquet Case
  3. Vortex Radian Carbon™
  4. Vortex Crossfire® II
  5. Vortex Razor® HD 5 Riflescope
  6. Vortex Razor® HD LHT™ Riflescope
  7. Vortex Viper® PST™ Gen II Riflescope
  8. Vortex Viper® HST™ Riflescope
  9. Vortex Diamondback® Tactical Riflescope
  10. Vortex Razor® HD Gen Riflescope


  1. Tacmed Sof Tactical Tourniquet, Rescue Orange Edition
  2. Tacmed Caregiver Protect Box Subkit
  3. Tacmed Basic Meds Pack
  4. Tacmed Tramedic Point Of Injury Video Instruction Set
  5. Tacmed Tramedikit
  6. Tacmed Tramedic Cabinet Kit With Metal Cabinet- Foam
  7. Tacmed Massive Bleeding Box Subkit
  8. Tacmed Sof Tactical Tourniquet - Trainer Blue Edition
  9. Tacmed Tramedic
  10. Tacmed Tramedicube Kit - Foam Molded/Box Subkits

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